Girdzone of Zalost the Technoficer

Girdzone of Zalost the Technoficer

Welcome to the Grid

greetings organics, I am Zalost the Technoficer, Now with a proper website!
I'll be posting all sorts of content and stuff here that I'm interested in, mostly modding, retrogaming, and all sorts of cool cyberpunk related stuffs.
so get ready chummer, jack in, upload, and stay schway.

Just added a page for one of my favorite games!
Currently accessible with the arrow on the sidebar, Enjoy!

Greetings Organics, zalost here!
Currently working on my next project for the tech-mods page, and let me tell you, it's a doozy.
I don't expect it to be complete so I'll post updates as it's being worked on since it's WIP and not finished.
So just keep tabs on it, and for those who are curious what I'm working on... well it involves a few things.
To start with, a late panda alpha though for now I'll be using a raspi3B+ for prototyping and just convert it over.
A 3D printer to work on the physical framework.
Oh! and most excitingly, a mixture of visual, auditory, and physical augmentations!

So let me put the basics down, it's a long term project while I work on other things, you'll probably so other updates as I tinker with various projects.
However my main project at the moment now that off the shelf tech has gotten to this point is something more than simply a wearable HUD computer, I want to throw a robotic exoskeleton into it! and maybe infrared Terminator vision as well.
This will not be easy! Hell I'm a terrible programmer outside of tinkering, modding, and the occasional bit of Python for interface stuff.
That being said, I learned enough HTML to throw this website together... and I didn't know anything when I started that... now I'm editing it all in HTML!... with a bit of CSS thrown in.
So I'm confident... anyway stay tuned for further updates!
Zalost, out!

Greetings Organics, zalost here!
Just a minor update as i've posted more mods over on the Tech-Mods page.
Still tinkering with the site design a bit but over all things are moving smoothly.
Feel Free to check out some of the new content that's been posted!.