Girdzone of Zalost the Technoficer

Girdzone of Zalost the Technoficer

Cybernetic Enhancements

Greetings, if you're on this page you probably have some interest in Cybernetic augmentation. Currently this is very limited in what's available however what's available is already kind of amazing. current projects include everything from low cost neural interfaces to 3D printed Cybernetic limbs. Hell! you can get implants that expand your senses to the EM spectrum, it's really rather schway chummer.

Neural Interfaces


This is not your grandmother's computer interface, found below is a list of neural interfaces currently in existance, tread lightly, I certainly wouldn't want to be responsible for what black ice can do to your brainport.

* The icibici is an open-source, low cost brain-computer interface that utilizes a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, TRS or TRRS type plug. There are a few projects being designed around this device, one of the more successful is the SSVEP Keyboard . Combining this software with the icibici you can enter text on your phone, computer, or other compatible device with your mind, very much alpha status though so be warned.

* The Re-Net or Reliable Neural Interface Technologies initiative is a Darpa funded project to construct a working nerual interface for use both in the battle field and here at home for a variety of purposes, the extent of which I can only begin to guess at.

Cybernetic Limbs and Related technologies

cybernetic arm/hand

Neural Remote Control




Check back later, I'll update as I come across more stuff

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