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What is Ingress?

Ingress is a Real time Augmented reality Game.
Basically what that means is that it's a video game, you play in the real world, in real time, with other people.
of course this one is special, because it's probably one of the most cyberpunk AR games out there!

Basically in ingress you choose a side, either Enlightened or Resistance and you capture Portals by taking down their resonators in an effort to either help your team or keep them away from the other team.
these Portals? they're fair game on both sides, which means there's a lot of competition for them as well, be ready to fight and defend your portal chummer, because the minute you start taking a large number, the other players will notice!

There's more though, see you need to link portals together as well, connect 3 portals and you create a triangle called a field.
By building links and fields you get more points, plus any portals you control within that field give you extra loot when you hack them and they recharge faster as well.
there's a few different kinds of loot as well but I'll just create a nice list since that will explain it better.





Resonators are the central item of Ingress, enabling agents to capture Portals and use them to form Control Fields.

Deploying a Resonator on a Portal captures it, aligns it to a faction, determines its level, affects the amount of Exotic Matter it drops, enables Linking and Fielding, earns Access Points, and causes the agent to receive notifications when the Portal is attacked.

Up to eight Resonators can be deployed on a single Portal. Higher-level Resonators have deployment restrictions that limit how many a single agent can place.

Because Links require both Portals to contain eight Resonators, agents must carry a variety of Resonators to create Control Fields.

Portal Key

A Portal Key is a token that corresponds to the Portal from which it was initially Hacked.

Portal Keys have a variety of uses, which include:
Remotely checking the Portal's Resonator status, Mod status, and surroundings
Remotely recharging the corresponding Portal's Resonators
Using the corresponding Portal as the destination of a Link
Acting as a keepsake, collectible, or trophy

While a Key is marked with a level, this number is the Portal's level and not the Key's level. Agents of any Access Level can use any Portal Key to its full extent.

If an agent Hacks a Portal and its Key is already in his or her Inventory, he or she will not receive another copy of that Key. Learning to circumvent this restriction is an important part of a new agent's training.

Power Cube

Power Cubes are levelled items that contain concentrated Exotic Matter.

When an agent's XM tank is depleted through deploying, recharging Resonators, counterattacks, and other game actions, he or she can instantly refill some XM reserves by using a Power Cube from the Inventory.

The amount of XM contained in a Cube depends on its level.

Like Resonators, Ultra Strikes, and XMP Bursters, a Cube obtained through Hacking tends to be near the Portal's level or the agent's Access Level, whichever is lower.

XMP Burster

XMP Bursters are the primary weapons used to attack enemy Portals.

XMP's are obtained through hacking Portals and drop in large numbers.

XMP's cause, and are affected by, Speed Lock.

Ultra Strike

Ultra Strikes are a type of exotic matter pulse weapon that cause blast damage more focused than the XMP Burster.

While they are listed as "very common," they do not drop as often as XMP Bursters.

Jarvis Virus/ADA Refractor

These are Flip Cards, a weapon that instantly switches a portal to the oposite team.

It was introduced in scanner update 1.26.0 and has Very Rare rarity.

Viruses can only be used on resitance portals and Refractors can only be used on enlightened portals.

they can be used by agents of both factions.

When a player uses them to flip a portal of the oposite faction, ownership of the portal, it's mods, and it's resonators will transfer to that player.

When a player uses them to flip their own portal, ownership of the portal, its mods, and its resonators will transfer to either the __JARVIS__ or __ADA__ special accounts depending on which is used.


Portal Shield

The Portal Shield is a portal mod that increases the Portal's Mitigation.

Shields are found at Common, Rare, Very Rare rarities and the Aegis variety, with rarer Shields having superior durability and damage mitigation.

Force Amplifier

he Force Amplifier, referenced in-game as the Force Amp, is a Portal Mod.

It multiplies the damage inflicted by the equipped Portal.

Like Turrets, all Force Amps have the Rare rarity level, however, they have 0 durability, while turrets have 20.

Heat Sink

The Heat Sink is a portal mod.

Its multiple effects assist agents in Hacking the equipped Portal.

All Heat Sinks have the following effects:

For all players: Reduces the Portal's cooldown, for all players allowing it to be hacked more frequently (excluding burnout).

For the deploying agent: Resets the cooldown and burnout timers, so he or she can immediately Hack the Portal again.

Link Amplifier

The Link Amp (short for Link Amplifier) is a portal mod that increases the maximum length of an outbound Link thrown from the equipped Portal.

The item was introduced in Update 1.28.1.

Each Link Amp or Ultra Link applied to a Portal increases the length at which it can link to another Portal.

Applying additional Link Amps to a Portal has diminishing effects.

The range amplification is only relevant to outbound links.

The mod's presence doesn't affect other Portals' ability to link into the equipped Portal.

Destroying Link Amps has no effect on existing Links.

Existing Links outside the Portal's newly-reduced range will remain standing.

Multi Hack

A Multi-hack is a portal mod.

It allows the portal to be hacked more than four times before the portal burns out (burnouts last for four hours).

Diminishing returns applies when using multiple multi-hacks: the rarest multi-hack provides a full bonus, while all others only provide half, e.g. two Common multi-hacks add 6 burnout resistance instead of 8.


The turret is a portal mod that increases the defense of your portal by affecting its counterattack rate and hit bonus.

Turrets only come with the rarity level Rare.

These are the only mod to possess durability other than shields.

ITO EN +/- Transmuter

The ITO EN Transmuter is a Portal Mod sponsored item that bears the name of ITO EN.

This mod is the first Portal Mod to exist as variant and serve multiple functions.

when the + variant is used this mod transmutes hacked portal items into defensive or instructional XM object such as Resonators or Portal Shield.

All items hacked will only be defensive items like Resonators or Portal Shield.

No offensive items will be hacked.

This will always be valid unless the mod is destroyed.

These items are in addition to the defensive items normally obtained in a hack.

When the - Variant is used this mod transmutes hacked portal items into offensive oriented item such as XMP Bursters.

All items hacked will only be offensive items like XMP Bursters or Ultra Strikes.

No defensive items will be hacked.

These items are in addition to the offensive items normally obtained in a hack.

also when this module is used the "Acquired Items" (and "Bonus items" if Agent Glyph Hacked portal) textbox will show ITO EN Transmuter (+) or (-) applied depending on which one was used.


In addition to these items you can also receive Media drop items, these can be decoded/solved to find passcodes which give you extra items.
you can also find passcodes in social media, twitter, and anything relating to the game, it's very meta.

Finally there are medals you can earn while you play, for the first 8 levels they really don't mean much other than achievements however between levels 9 and 16 you actually need to collect a certain number of medals in addition to XP in order to level up with level 16 being the highest level.

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