For years those in power have fought to control those without, this became far more difficult in the age of the internet, the corporations have fought to control the flow of information against the public which want to retain their rights.
   However unfortunately the masses lost.
   in 2017 The Corporations were given free reign to do with cyberspace what they wanted and from that has come an age where they can charge you outrageous fees, slow down your network, and fine you simply for using a program or visiting a website they do not like.
   This is a dark time for cyberspace indeed.
   However Congress is working to restore the Internet Neutrality protections and hopefully the protection of the end users until then, we must fight corporations that violate our privacy on a daily basis as well as the companies that provide them the tools to do so.
   Arm yourselves, and prepare for the oncoming storm because believe me, this is only the first in a long series of great battles for the liberation of Cyberspace.

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Which way will you chose?