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Welcome to the Yesterweb site! This site is dedicated to a community (and a larger movement) about the internet how it's changed. We are creating, discovering and enjoying websites and digital spaces.

What's new?

September '22

It's spOOky season! You are cordially invited to submit a handmade Halloween-themed webpage for virtual trick-or-treaters to visit. We encourage you to have a little "treat" the visitor can take back with them like a special badge or blinkie.

When you have created your page, submit the link here! (Deadline: October 18th)

June '22

The next Yesterweb Zine topic has been announced! The deadline for submission is 8/14/22. You can register and find more information here.

Updated our about page with a new section for Etiquette, our rules, and other stuff!

April '22

Our searchable link database was recently updated and now you can sort by new/old and "recommend" (upvote) links! Submit your favorite site here.

Episode 02 - Interview with Michelle (Cinni) is out now!

Our latest zine is live, you can view it here! The deadline for the next issue has not been decided yet.

March '22

We now have a guestbook! If you'd like to leave a message, you can find our guestbook here.

We have added a new webpage showcasing shareable graphics about the internet and small web spaces. You can submit your own materials here.

February '22

We are currently accepting music from Yesterfolk musicians! Submit your music here, and we'll play it on the radio!